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Talks, Articles, and Interviews

Panel Speaker at the ELLIS, AI4media, and AIDA Symposium on Large Language and Foundation Models (together with Moshe Vardi, Geoff Hinton, Gary Marcus and Brando Benifei), Amsterdam, 18 October 2023.

The Future of AI Regulation (min 1h:18), Anna Edwards & Tom Mackenzie, Bloomberg Interview, 15 September 2023.

Elon Musk's X now wants your biometric data, as well as your job and education history, for 'safety, security and identification puroposes', Chloe Taylor, FORTUNE, 28 July 2023

Democracy in danger: AI, supercomputers, and the loss of human agency, Ernestas Naprys, 28 July 2023

Scientist and Writer Jacopo Pantaleoni on the Future of Artificial IntelligenceDavid Leinchner, 15 July 2023

Obsessed with chips, US overlooks its dependence on India, Ernestas Naprys, 13 July 2023

Invited Speaker, EICS 2019

La vita non è un film – storia di Jacopo Pantaleoni, 

Riccardo Meggiato, Wired Italia, February 2013.

Questo DNA è un gioco da ragazzi

Marco Passarello, Il Sole 24 ore, 2 December 2012.

NVIDIA Collaborates with Weta to Accelerate Visual Effects for AvatarMatt Kapko, Animation World Network, January 12, 2010.

PantaRay: Directional Occlusion for Fast Cinematic Lighting of Massive Scenes, ACM Siggraph Talks, 2010.

Lightflow, Graphics World, May 2000.

Wired photo courtesy of Mattia Balsamini. @ Mattia Balsamini 2013. All rights reserved.

Technical Writing

Production Rendering : Design and Implementation 

Ian Stephenson et al., Springer Verlag, 2005, ISBN 978-1-85233-821-3


Generalized Resampled Importance Sampling: Foundations of ReSTIR

Lin D., Kettunen M., Bitterli B., Pantaleoni J., Yuksel C., Wyman C., July 24, 2022.

ReSTIR GI: Path Resampling for Real-Time Path Tracing

Yaobin O., Shiqiu L., Kettunen M., Pharr M., Pantaleoni J., High Performance Graphics 2021.

An Unbiased Ray Marching Transmittance Estimator

Kettunen M., d’Eon E., Pantaleoni J., Novak J., Aug 9, 2021, ACM SIGGRAPH.


Online path sampling control with progressive spatio-temporal filtering

Pantaleoni J., Aug 25, 2020, Springer Nature / SN Computer Science.


Importance Sampling of Many Lights with Reinforcement Lightcuts Learning

Pantaleoni J., Nov 26, 2019, Arxiv.


Blue-Noise Dithered QMC Hierarchical Russian Roulette

Pantaleoni J., Jul 29, 2019, Arxiv.


Matrix Bidirectional Path Tracing

Chaitanya C., Belcour L., Hachisuka T., Premoze S., Pantaleoni J., Eurographics

Symposium on Rendering, 2018.


Notes on Optimal Approximations for Importance Sampling

Pantaleoni J., Heitz E., Jul 26, 2017, Arxiv.


A massively parallel algorithm for constructing the BWT of large string sets

Pantaleoni J.,


A Path Space Extension for Robust Light Transport Simulation

Hachisuka T. and Pantaleoni J. and Jensen. H.W., Siggraph Asia, May 2012.


VoxelPipe: A Programmable Pipeline for 3D Voxelization

Pantaleoni J., High Performance Graphics 2011, August 2011.


Simpler and Faster HLBVH with Work Queues

Garanzha K. and Pantaleoni J. and McAllister D., High Performance Graphics 2011, August 2011


Pantaray: Fast ray-traced occlusion caching of massive scenes

Pantaleoni J. and Fascione L. and Hill M. and Aila T., ACM Transactions on Graphics 2010, vol 29, number 4.


HLBVH: Hierarchical LBVH for Real Time Ray Tracing of Dynamic Geometry

Pantaleoni J. and Luebke D., Proceedings of High Performance Graphics 2010, Saarbruecken.

Screenshot 2021-12-14 at 12.31.35.png

Awarded foundational research on the now pervasive real-time raytracing 

used across high-end games, visualisation, and metaverse initiatives.


From: HLBVH: Hierarchical LBVH for Real Time Ray Tracing of Dynamic Geometry

Pantaleoni J. and Luebke D., Proceedings of High Performance Graphics 2010

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