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My name is Jacopo Pantaleoni.

I like to think I am leading a couple lives, trying to walk somewhere near the border between art and science.


In one of them, I am a research scientist. Though I recently started working on DNA sequencing, I have spent a big part of my life, roughly 15 years, delving into the mathematics behind light transport simulation - computing photographs of things that don't exist - for the sake of film VFX. In this life, I have had the luck to contribute to the rendering of films like Avatar, and work with some of the greatest masters of visuals and photography.


In another, I have got a passion for taking real photographs of images that are hidden in some place between reality and my own mind.

Mostly, I am interested in capturing people, and the strong feelings that can arise from a simple look, as well as from the infinite variations of the human body and the intimate interplay they can have with light.


But most of all, perhaps, I am in love with light - this shining wave that permeates our life.


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